Expo 2030 Roma

The new Era is now 

The Expo 2030 Roma logo is the first of its kind to become an NFT and it is designed to guide us towards a sustainable, digital and connected future. A new world to explore.



Rome is much more than an open-air museum. A constantly evolving art gallery that has never stopped growing and enriching itself. Rome is Eternal as its ability to innovate and transform itself to look ahead, guiding progress towards a future getting closer and closer.

The city of tomorrow

For Expo 2030 Roma, we have chosen a sign that recalls the shape of a door and an arch. It is a meeting point between culture and traditions, past and future.The past representing the bond with history, customs, memory. The future that welcomes People - embracing diversity and promoting the integration of different cultures - and Territories - promoting their sustainable development. An encouragement to go further and experience new directions never taken before.

People and Territories


The first NFT logo of Expo


For the first time in the history of universal exhibitions the logo becomes an NFT.

The dynamic nature of our logo represents one of the distinctive features of the Expo 2030 Roma candidacy. We decided not to limit ourselves to the creation of a graphic object, but to create an NFT, the first case in the history of the Expo. A Non-Fungible Token, saved on the blockchain that represents a unique piece of digital art and that will guide us towards a sustainable, digital and connected future.

A new world to explore…and potentially much more in the future; thanks to the generative nature of the logo we can imagine making dozens of versions of it and making them available on the blockchain as tokens. The token allows everyone to participate in the Rome candidacy and to own a unique version of the Expo 2030 Roma logo.

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Verified smart contract address: 0xB29eCA877E374944e11537139A4b91C9b8bF8fF3

NFT e BlockChain

The choice of the "Non-Fungible Logo"

Why an NFT logo on the blockchain?

The Expo 2030 Roma logo will be produced for the first time also as an NFT. A non-replicable digital artwork, characterized by numerous nuances and meanings, capable of gradually increasing the cultural value of the symbol of the event over time.

The logo represents the access key between the real and virtual world. It will be the emblem of digitization that has always been at the forefront of the Eternal City; the evolution of a city rich in tradition and history; of the connection between all the centers of the world originating from the first global center of history; of the sustainability of a naturalistic and cultural heritage such as the Roman and the Italian one that cannot be dispersed.

The first version of the NFT will be destined for the Municipality of Rome and the second for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, figures who will accompany us in the candidacy process of the Italian capital for Expo 2030.

What is an NFT?

What are NFTs concretely? Non-Fungible Tokens are unique cryptographic digital assets that refer to products such as videos, photos, GIFs, text, audio, songs. Their main characteristics are: non-fungibility (it is not divisible), scarcity and uniqueness (in fact they cannot be replicated or replaced).

These tokens exploit the characteristics of the blockchain: a computer network made up of "nodes" that allow users to manage a register containing data and information in a secure way, open to all and without the need for a central control entity.

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